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Our home in the Oregon Cascades, provides us with peaceful days, and star-filled nights. We are grateful for fresh air, clean water, and enough space for our garden.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ok Friends. Before you scroll through my latest photo postings (which I have taken from an album I imaginatively call Late September 2008) please please visit our friend Johanna's Blog.

We have consulted Johanna, our astrologer, for over 25 years. Her observations have proved to be helpful to us most of the time. We thought she was wrong about Obama, but it turned out she wasn't!

If you like the photos you see on our: The Year at Peace Meal Garden blog then you have Johanna to thank as much as anyone! We bought our property (17 years ago) after receiving a special astrological reading from Johanna. She looked at our charts, considered the bigger picture, and our financial resources at the time. We followed her advice. The result is the incredible garden that you see here today!

We have a lot of confidence in her speculations. She is very intuitive, and she does the math. She's funny too. Check it out at:


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