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Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is Jerry the Parrot, at the restaurant where we had a traditional Belizian lunch, which would be: stewed chicken, rice and beans with coleslaw...and the best lime-aid you could ever imagine...! Jerry is only one year old...just a baby.

Jerry's owners were trying to get him to talk to a tour group, but he refused. As soon as the tour bus pulled away, Jerry started to laugh like a was wonderful! Jerry wouldn't talk to us, either, but Tomas and Pearlene were happy we spent a pleasant hour or two on their porch.

The last two pictures show more young business tycoons outside the restaurant, and the kinds of crafts they sell. The trinkets that you find in most of Belize have been purchased in Guatemala, for resale...These children told us that the pieces were made by their families, but as most of the work looks much the same, so it's hard to tell.

I bought the necklace with the blue sparkly stone, (on the right...) because I had never seen one like it. Usually you can by these types of beads for about $10BZ, ($5.00 US.) They use a lot of hematite, jadite, and shell, with glass.

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