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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Some of the artists were displaying paintings.

There were also lots of nice examples of the typical necklaces that are for sale at every tourist destination in Belize! The Mayan ladies and children who sell these pieces often buy them in bulk from Guatemala, though they always assure you that they made it themself.

The price for these necklaces usually starts at $20BZ ($10US) but if you want to bargain, you can get them for half that. Most of the people who sell these trinkets need the money very badly, so we don't bargain too hard, but we enjoy the conversations that bargaining inspires, so we do a little bit! One thing Kraig likes to do, is to bundle a few pieces together and then make a deal for a little bit less than the full price for each one would have been. That way we can have fun, buy for a little less, and still leave the vendor feeling that they were successful in the trade!

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