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Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Office...Some of you might know that one purpose of our trip to Belize, was to meet with our friend Rob. We met Rob last year on our Relocation tour...You can see photos of that in my archives from Feb. 2007!

You can find out more about the Relocation Tour by clicking the link: If you've ever had thoughts of retiring in the beautiful paradise that is Belize, I think you should consider the Relocation Tour. On the tour you will be able to learn a lot about Belize, in a very short time...including laws and regulations involving permanent residency. You will also get to meet a diverse cross-section of ex-patriots living in Belize.

This year, Rob is exploring some ideas to bring non-profit (NGO) pilot projects to Belize, as experiments for larger world-wide application by his foundation. Belize is an ideal loction for this type of experimentation, since it's a small, but relatively poor, country; easily accessible, with a government friendly to foreign aid workers... and, of course they speak English!

Rob is still in Belize doing groundwork for these projects, and he would be pleased if you have time to read his blog: Kraig and I are in close touch with Rob, and we hope to be involved in several of the projects he has planned.

Rob is also writing a book about his adventures in Belize, and I will be sure to let you know when it's published. He is a very funny guy!

These photographs were taken on the beach during our three days of meetings with Rob, to share or knowledge of Belize, and to brain-storm ideas about the projects!

The Placencia Peninsula has the only stretches of white sand beaches in Belize. it is possible to stroll 7 miles north from where these were taken, to Seine Bight Village, without interruption. Belize law prohibits construction within 66 ft. of the shoreline, in order to ensure free access. Despite lots of up-scale resorts, built since Hurricane Iris flattened the area in 2001, there are still many secluded beaches to call your own for an afternoon!

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