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Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning, Feb. 11. Lovely. We spent some time wandering the gardens surrounding our cabana, and hoping to catch sight of Coco (or Baby Coco) the two alligators who call Calico Jack's preserved wetlands area their home.

We never did see Coco. But we did see the development that is going on all around this small oasis. When the neighboring hotels and McMansions have finally drained all the wetlands, the staff at Calico Jack's has a plan to move both of these unique creatures to another location. Even in Belize the animals are expected to move aside for progress, though in Belize, the people are aware of the treasure they hold. A large portion of Belize has been set aside to preserve many different types of habitats.

Though not as biologically diverse as the Amazon or Costa Rica, Belize...for it's size...has a large number of diverse species and habitats with in borders.

Belize has over 4,000 species of flowering plants, and although it's only about the size of New Hampshire, Belize has 700 species of trees! In contrast, all of the USA and Canada supports only 730 species, giving Belize on average 1000 times the diversity of trees per square mile!

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