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Sunday, March 09, 2008

By Wednesday morning it was obvious that we were both sick, and we would not be pursuing the plans that we had for the day! I will spare you the details.

Here I am posting photographs taken by other people (from Photobucket) Seen are the things that I WOULD have shot, if I didn't have to spend the whole day in bed!

The Blue Morpho butterfly is part of the breeding program at Falling Rocks Butterfly Ranch, where Ian is the manager...They only allow visitors on Wednesday, so we had to miss the tour.

The Mayan villages are spread throughout Toledo...It is the poorest district in Belize...If you ever go to Toledo, I hope you will try to stay overnight in a Mayan Village...This can easily be arranged through the Toledo Eco-Tourism Association...the TEA. It is an experience we will never forget, and we are so sorry that we had to miss it on our trip this year!

The only thing we were able to do on Wednesday was take a short ride, during the hottest part of the afternoon. We needed ice-cold Coca-Cola and we wanted to get out of bed for a little while...not to mention relaxing with the air-conditioning blasting cool air on us, in the car!

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