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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baskets and Fabrics. Brightly Colored Embroidery.

We spent quite some time talking with, Elena, the Mayan woman who made this basket. She was busy creating more baskets while she spoke with us! She has had the recent honor of winning a contest for the finest baskets in Belize! One special feature of her baskets is the green color! The jippy-jappa...a plant leaf that is used for a lot of things in usually tan and brown .

Her family searches in the rain forest for the rare plants with the various shades of green color. They dig them, and bring them home to transplant into a garden patch near their house. To retain the green color, the leaves must be harvested in a very short period of time. Having them growing in one place makes this possible. Most of the basket weavers do not go to this extent to create a more lovely basket. (Please click to enlarge!)

If you need good reasons to convince yourself to travel to Belize, the fact that everyone speaks English is one of the best. It allows you to really connect with the people who live there, and to understand nuances of their culture that would often be missed in translation!

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