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Monday, March 10, 2008

About half way between Maya Beach, where we stayed at Calico Jack's, and the village of Placencia, is Seine Bight.

With 600 inhabitants, Seine Bight is often reffered to as a "Grandmother Village" because most of the young people have left.

Seine Bight is pure Garifuna. If you are interested in Garifuna culture you can search this blog's archives, as I posted photos and wrote a lot about the Garifuna history last year.

The first photo you see is a close up of a rope, used as a speed bump, on the road passing through Seine Bight Village. it was taken by our friend, Rob. There are so many ruts and potholes in this road, it is hard to imagine why they think they should have more bumps!

The other three photos are typical of the buildings you'll see in in Seine Bight. The Garifuna people are some of the friendliest in Belize, but if you know me, you'll know I am shy about asking to take photographs of people!

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