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Monday, February 25, 2008

We were so pleased to finally arrive at Hickatee Cottages outside Punta Gorda, in Toledo.

P.G. is the southernmost city in Belize, and the capitol of the Toledo District. Until recently most travelers only visited Toledo on their way to Honduras, but now more people are arriving to check-out the authentic atmosphere that is still to be found in the town of Punta Gorda, and in the surrounding Mayan Villages.

Toledo is the poorest district in Belize, and the pace of life is very slow here, even by Belize standards. Please click on the link to see more of the lovely Hickatee Cottages!

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Blogger Rob Thurman said...

Looks lovely. Keep an eye on my Blog . I will photo Mahungs in PG where I am staying. My Mayan friend made contact so hopefully he will come up with something exciting to keep me busy for the next few months.

3:04 PM  

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