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Sunday, February 24, 2008

We spent the afternoon with Larry and Tasha, exploring the Guacamayo site. After visiting many other Mayan ruins, it was easy to see the various walls, stairs, temple rooms, and view points, even though most of the actual stonework is covered with jungle! Larry and David are committed to keeping this site intact. You might be able to recognize these indications of Mayan history in the photos seen here!

We hiked for about a half an hour, down the backside of the pyramid to stop in at Larry's neighbors. They are Americans, who own a small lodge called Macaw Bank. You can see more of their story, and check out their accomodations, by visiting them at:

Their website has a lot of good information, and many fine photos of the birds and butterflies of this region. If we ever get an opportunity to spend time in Belize, we would like The Cayo District to be our home!

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