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Friday, February 22, 2008

Road to Caracol. We got up bright and early on the third day. The most exciting adventure planned for this trip was a visit to Caracol.

A ranger stops traffic at the entrance to the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Names are taken, and vehicle registrations are noted. This is done to control illegal camping and logging, and also for your protection, as there were bandits active in this area as recently as last year.

The road to Caracol is very rough, red clay. It's 45 dusty miles, when it's dry, and nearly impossible to navigate when it's wet.

Until 1993, Caracol was only accessible by one of the worst roads in Belize, and archeologists tell tales of being mired in mud for three days at a time! A new road has been cut in, and it is still one of the worst roads in Belize, though the time to Caracol has been cut to under three hours.

We were making good time until we hit a small wet patch and started to slide sideways into a very large rock! Luckily Kraig's driving skills were honed in Colorado winters, and he managed to steer out of the skid and avoid the $800. collision deductable on the rental.

The little Chevy Tracker was well-equipped to drive to Caracol, though during one of the roughest bits, we were certain that parts had fallen off underneath. Kraig said we could pick them up on the way back!

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