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Friday, February 29, 2008

The last of the Mayan Ruins that we were able to visit on this trip is called Nim Li Punit. The name translates to "Big Hat" and the site was discovered in 1976 by an oil exploration team. This site is notable for the large monuments that were found here...more than twenty!

Seven of these are carved stelae, with dates that place them within the late classical period. It appears that Nim Li Punit saw it's rise and fall between AD 700-900.

When we entered the museum, I actually spoke out-loud, at the first sight of this large carved stelae...It's over 17 meters long! It is the largest stela found in Belize, and is the second longest found so far in the Maya world. It's hard to imagine how they carved these detailed images, nevermind how they managed to place these big stones up-right!

You might be able to see the "large hats" worn by the rulers depicted in these first two photos, and the carving below shows the type of carvings that are the Mayan glyphs...or letters. Research is beginning to illuminate and interpret most of the Mayan glyphs, which adds much to the body of knowledge we have about these ancient people.

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Blogger Rob Thurman said...

This IS impressive. Xuantunich is not so impressive. I was so impressed with the atmosphere but today with groups of people this seemed to be lost. There is something about the Mayan places that really "hits the spot" with me.

3:49 PM  
Blogger HOPE said...

What a beautiful photo journal! I always appreciate your naturocentric visual offerings.
Gracias, and welcome home to Oregon.

6:15 PM  

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