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Friday, February 22, 2008

Frances Ford Coppola built Blancaneaux Lodge in an incredible setting, and he provides real luxury in the jungle. Most of the guests fly in, using the private airstrip rather than the rough red clay road! We were kind of sweaty and bug-bit by the time we reached the turn-off to Blancaneaux, but we have wanted to visit this famous lodge for a long time, so we decided to go in, anyway!

They couldn't have treated us any better if we just stepped off a private jet! The bar tender was friendly and full of information about the lodge, and they made us one of their famous wood-fire-baked pizzas, even though it was in the late afternoon, and nowhere near mealtime! If you want to see what the best accomodations in Belize might look on the link!

My photos show some of the carving along the edge of the stone bar-top, a photograph of the man who "discovered" the famous sun-bathing statues near Cancun, Mexico...and Kraig checking out the other famous photos displayed in the bar at Blancaneaux! The overhead fan that was cooling the bar is the same one used in an important scene in Apocalypse Now...

In the morning when we registered with the guard at the gate to the Chiquibul Reserve, he asked us how we planned to spend the day. We told him that we were going to Caracol, and then hoped to stop at Blancaneaux for a pizza. He laughed and said he never had a chance to try it, and would we please bring him some? Of course we ordered extra. When we pulled up to the gate, in the late afternoon, we expected he would remember us, but he had forgotten (or else he didn't really think we would bring him any). What a surprise for him! He was opening the box and eating the pizza before we got through the gate!

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