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Friday, February 22, 2008

Caracol is located within the Chiquebul Forest Preserve, and traffic is closely monitored. Tourists we met later said their guided tour to Caracol was accompanied by armed soldiers driving before and after their vehicle! When we arrived, we found only two other vehicles that were visiting Caracol that day. This experience was one of the most amazing days we've ever had!

Guatemala has Tikal. Honduras has Copan. Belize has Caracol. Like so many things in Belize, the true value of this site...both culturally and economically, is just beginning to be realized. This massive and sophisticated metropolis remained hidden from the word under a blanket of rain forest for nearly a millennium. Misconception about the size and importance of Caracol, as well as it's remote location means that relatively few people have been there.

Continuing excavations of Caracol's monumental architecture and sculpture are slowly confirming proof of the city's past glory.

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