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Friday, February 22, 2008

The base of the Caana measures 395 feet across...can you see me giving the peace sign? This is the tallest human-made structure in Belize.

Caracol means "Snail"and the name was given to this site by mahogany hunter Rosa Mai, in 1939...More recent translation of glyphs has reccomended that the name been read as "Place of Three Hills". Research shows that Caracol once had a population of 100,000, including people of all social classes....most especially artisans engaged in specialized craft production.

The buildings were in use from 300 BC until 1100 AD.

We always give pause to think about the mighty civilization that once endured here...bustling markets, busy thoroughfares, craft workshops and extensive farms...populated by visionary leaders, artists, engineers, farmers, warriors and villagers...all working together to form a vibrant community...Although it now lies in ruin, the people who once lived here have left a lasting impression on the physical and cultural landscape found in Belize.

In the last picture, I've tried to show one of the human-made reservoirs that served as the only water source for the city of Caracol. The two reservoirs were raised and plastered limestone walls, and they served for efficient catchment and storage of water, as they still do today.

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