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Our home in the Oregon Cascades, provides us with peaceful days, and star-filled nights. We are grateful for fresh air, clean water, and enough space for our garden.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Three October Sunrises from Our Front Door!

The photos that are posted today are in honor of our Best Buddy, Tim...who requested them, and who wants reminding how beautiful it all is...

And also, for our new friend Nan, who misses living in Oregon!

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Mount Hood Organic Farm.

IF it hadn't been a cloudy day, you would be seeing majestic Mt. Hood (the highest in Oregon). They have a spectacular location and the farm is also a wedding venue! We saw the first snow on the higher elevations...October 4th!

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Road Trip to Hood River. Kraig had a meeting in Hood River, so I went along for the ride! The Organic Farm was so photogenic.

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More Fall Colors Around Our Yard.

Maple, Borage , Hawthorne Berries, and Sunflowers.

I wish there was a way to show you the hundreds of birds who gather around our sunflowers this time of year! They aren't really afraid of us, and I always think that if I stand really still with my camera, I might be able to capture them inside...but

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Last of the Garden...Early October.

The garden may be finished for this year, but we still have lots of things in the greenhouse and the orchard!
Here featured: Roma tomatoes, Comice pear, And yummy Fuji apples!

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This is at Roslyn Lake...

...soon to be drained to re-establish the natural wetlands and restore animal habitit...AnnieBelle, Miss Flora and Buddha approve!

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More Dodge Park!

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Early October Colors at Dodge Park!

Looking across the Sandy River...Looking across the Bull run...and early light through the trees!

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October Fall Colors.

These shots were taken in our yard...early in the fall. The grapes are particularly spectacular, and the peach tree! The Autumn Olive is loaded with berries for the birds, and the little vine maple is about as red as you can get!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

First Friday. October 2007 ... The First Friday opening for October, at our local Spiral Gallery artist's co-op featured MASKS. Find out more at:

The last photo shows Barbara with our second Brent Lawrence piece...BEAR! You can see more of Brent's work at:

These pictures are courtesy of Jami Berry.

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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY! ... The library foundation held a "GALA" fundraiser, to celebrate one year in our new library! Everyone enjoyed the music, food, and wine! I was pleased to win artwork by Brent Lawrence, in the raffle...! BISON. It's fabulous!

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