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Friday, September 14, 2007

First Mennonite Church, Newton Kansas...

There were serveral Mennonite Churches, in Newton, (5 ?) but this one photographed particulaly well, and it was near our motel...Well, actually, pretty much everything in Newton, was near our motel! Newton, is also the official home of the larger association, Mennonite Churches of The United States. We took a tour around, to see all the sites, even though we were pretty tired. Newton, is very historic, but not geared for tourists! This reminded me very much of the tiny towns in Iowa, where I often visited relatives, while I was growing up! A short trip to the cemetary was amazing! The office was closed, but we found family connections within minutes of parking the car! Kraig found 20 "Bartels" in the phone book, and I remind you that this town is very small! The countywide directory had even more, not to mention the various family names from Grandma Bartel's side!

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