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Friday, March 02, 2007

Support The Troops.

As everyone knows by now, our troops are being sent to Iraq, and Afghanistan, without proper protective equipment, and without the necessary training.

Troops are being asked to re-deploy, away from their families, without the required rest periods. The deployment of National Guard troops leaves us unprotected at home.

Injured soldiers are not being screened for Traumatic Brain Injury. The wounded are being housed in moldy, insect infested care facilities, and cut loose from therapy before their needs are fully met.

Four years of war has not brought Peace to Iraq.

Four years of war has brought death and irrepairable damage to thousands of American families, and to many more Iraqi civilians. These wounds will not heal for generations.

Mr. Bu$h and his bloody agenda has made Americans, and others less safe in the world.

Support the Troops. Tell your members of Congress to bring them home NOW.

Speak the truth. Stand up for Peace. You know it's right. Posted by Picasa


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