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Our home in the Oregon Cascades, provides us with peaceful days, and star-filled nights. We are grateful for fresh air, clean water, and enough space for our garden.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This pileated woodpecker was enjoying a crab apple snack right outside our big front window!

Celery and sage are about all that's left of the vegetable garden now...but both are useful for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, so we're grateful!

The holly trees are nearly ready for holiday wreathes and sprays, though you definatley need gloves to work with holly!

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Blogger Kit Sanders said...

Hey, we have those woodpeckers, too. One day Charmaine and I were in the house and we thought that someone was using an electronic hammer on the side of our house near the roof. When I looked out it was a pileated woodpecker on an electric pole fifty feet away - the sound was transmitted through the wires as well.

Last week I used up the last quart of our 2005 tomato crop. I, too savored the flavor. We didn't get a crop worth canning in 2006.

Great blog - keep it up. Kit

5:53 AM  

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