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Sunday, December 10, 2006

November means a lot of work at Peace Meal Garden~~!

Here you will see jars of canned pears. They take a long time to process, and we could likely eat several jars every day, but we try to appreciate and savor each one! If you can understand that concept, I know you will enjoy a book called THE SLOW DOWN DIET by Marc David. You can find out more about it at:
and I 'm sure you can find it at the library.

Even if you don't want to lose weight, this diet theory will show you easy ways to enjoy the blessing of eating good food!

We also have pictured habanero peppers (one of the hottest kinds)! We give these away, one at a time, to anyone brave enough to eat them fresh, and we dry the rest for wintertime chili!

The crab apples are still lovely...all the birds love them! These show you the first hint of RAIN. (Which, of course, Oregon is famous for)...November brought us record rainfall this year, with some flooding, and even a little snow...but mostly our temperatures remain in the 50's.

AnnaBelle is fitting in just fine with our family...Here she is nearly camoflaged on the fallen leaves!

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Blogger Don said...

Great shot of old Pily! We haven't seen ours around here for awhile...usually one or two of them visit the suet feeder. I did hear one or more of them (hard to tell) when I was gleaning wood from a neighbor's backyard. They abut Newll Creek Canyon and there's ton's of trees there.


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