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Friday, November 17, 2006

Eyes Wide Open is an exhibit presented by The American Friends Service Committee. It was brought to Estacada, by PACT, the Progressive Action Citizen's Team, led by Pete Hamer and Steve Amick. You can find out more about the exhibit by going to

The display in Estacada featured over sixty pairs of boots representing Oregonians killed in Iraq, and included blue hard hats symbolizing the seven contractors who also have been killed from Oregon.

The many pairs of civilian shoes stand for a small number of the over 50,000 Iraqi citizens who have been killed during this war. You can check those current figures at

Each pair of shoes is tagged with a persons name and age, and the boots tell the soldier's name, and his hometown. Our local fallen hero, Jeremy Loveless, was distinguished by being placed in the front of the display, and honored with flowers.

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