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Friday, November 17, 2006

America's White Table. This exhibit was created to honor the veterans of the war in Viet Nam. The photographs were provided by Langdon Carpenter, and the display was arranged by his wife, Kendra. We hope to expand this memorial next year with photographs and equipment contributed by other local Viet Nam vets.

The idea for America's White Table was conceived by the Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Association, more commonly known as the "River Rats" of Viet Nam. The tradition has now spread to the other branches of the military.

"Missing Man" tables are set in mess halls, and whenever units or commands gather for reunions. It is a symbol in memory of service members who have fallen, gone missing, or have been held captive, in the line of duty.

We use a very small table to represent one soldier's lonely battle against many...the white cloth honors the pure heart that answers the call to duty.

The plate is set with lemon slices to signify the soldier's bitter fate, and salt, to represent the tears of the families waiting for their loved ones to return.

The empty chair is for all the missing who won't return, and the inverted wine glass symbolizes all the joys that have been lost forever. The black napkin is for those who have died, and the single red rose honors the Prisoners Of War.

Solitary and solemn, this is the table where no one will ever sit.

Our Veteran's Day exhibit at the library was attended by over 80 visitors, in spite of a dark and rainy day. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

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