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Our home in the Oregon Cascades, provides us with peaceful days, and star-filled nights. We are grateful for fresh air, clean water, and enough space for our garden.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Here we are in the garden!

This picture was taken in the spring of 2005 by our good neighbor, Leslie Atlansky.

We used this shot for the press release, when we won The Spirit of Pride award for our many years of volunteer work on the security crew at the annual Pride celebration in Portland, Oregon.Posted by Picasa


Blogger M & T said...

I noticed on Lori's Blog it said "Visit my friends Barbara and Kraig!" So here I am, visiting! This is Theresa, Lori's sister-in-law.

Wasn't the snow odd? We had some here, too in little Woodland, Washington. Actually, the hail covered the ground better than the snow did. We did go this last Sunday up to Mt. St. Helens on the south side, and there was atleast a foot or two of snow. Lots of fun to play in! That's what I love about the northwest, one hour any direction and you can have mountains, beach or desert.

Good luck with your blog and feel free to visit mine. =)
Theresa <><

1:34 PM  
Blogger M & T said...

Hurrumph, the matthiesen family <>< link didn't bring you to the right one. Our family blog is:

1:50 PM  

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